Approach to project management including inventory of existing furniture for integration with the new purchase, and resolving budgetary differences.

Project management

The vast majority of our annual production is derived from long-time customers….many dating back to the 1950’s. As such we are adept at utilizing customer’s existing furniture with our new furniture to maximize existing inventory usage and minimize costs. Additionally, because we design and build all of our own products and control every aspect of the sales process, our capabilities are unlimited with respect to resolving whatever budgetary differences may arise with respect to a given project or furniture standard. Direct and open communication between your School District and the manufacturer McDowell-Craig will result in success without fail!

The process of developing new furniture standards, optimizing new furniture with existing furniture and executing the plan.

Collaborating with your School District selection committee to best determine all aspects of your District’s desires and requirements:

  • Classroom occupancy.
  • Develop several typical classroom space plans supporting different learning environments with focus on multi-functional furniture.
  • Fine-tune furniture designs to meet School District’s specific needs.
  • Integrate existing furniture into classroom space plans as required.
  • Present budgetary quotations based on above for evaluation.
  • Revise space plans, specifications, quotations, delivery/installation schedules to meet project and budgetary demands.
  • Utilize KCDA contract for best possible pricing and most efficient ordering.