Approach to delivery and installation scheduling and execution to meet the clients demands and schedule.

Once your order is received at the McDowell-Craig factory Sustainable School Source goes into action. We start tracking the progress of the order and planning the trucks for the eventual dock pick up.

Communication on the progress of your order is 100% between McDowell-Craig, Sustainable School Source and the designated PM for your School District with bi-weekly and weekly up-dates in an effort to gather information about your schedule and our production schedule to finally pinpoint the day you are ready for delivery.

Being that the furniture is fully assembled and blanket wrapped the method of placing the furniture in the 53’ trailer is crucial, this is why we have dedicated managers to load the trailer for the short trip up I-5 from the factory in Norwalk CA to your destination. Upon arriving at your destination our lead managers will meet the truck to give instruction based upon your requested area to off load then prior to any furniture coming into the building we do a final site walk through complete with floor plan in hand high-lighted by color code to show our installers all specific information needed for a damage free punch list free installation.

Key ingredients to meeting client demands and schedule:

  • Client Communication
  • Project Manager will meet delivery truck on site
  • Delivery Oversight provided
  • Walk through with client before, during and after installation
  • Punch list confirmation post installation
  • Final approval and sign off