Adaptable Student Desks

adaptable student desks

These ultimate adaptable student desks are built to move – ultra light and super strong. Multiple configurations are possible with these designs from tablet test taking to collaborative pods.  Strength and weight reduction are derived from our exclusive welded frame “V” apron.

  • Welded frame chassis
  • Ultra-light and super strong
  • Ultimate Adaptable shape – one desk does it all
  • Please note the larger size options for labs and libraries
Adaptable Student Desks AB-362828 Boomerang Desk


Boomerang Desk

Adaptable Student Desks AR-453232 Triangular Desk


New Product

Triangular Stacking Desk


Adaptable Student Desks AT-3020-8 LT-3020-8 YT-3020-8 Trapazoid Adaptable Desks

AT-3020-8 LT-3020-8 YT-3020-8

Trapezoid Adaptable Desk

Our trapezoid shape fosters a multitude of collaborative configurations. Super-strong and ultra-light, this welded frame desk is built to move often and easily.

The Y-leg trapezoid is the perfect choice when knee-space is at a premium. Strong and light, this welded frame desk is built to move often and easily.

The L-leg trapezoid provides maximum strength and durability. Strong and built to last decades, this welded frame desk is a true classroom work horse.

  • Welded frame chassis
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Super value